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About IIS Server

About IIS Server: In Technology Terms IIS stands for "Internet Information Server", It is a Microsoft Product and fall under web server product category. IIS is second largely used web server after Apache, a Linux based web server. The latest IIS version available is 7.5.

IIS Server help us create website and host contents like Images, Videos, Custom Application etc. IIS Server is not required to be downloaded separately, it comes inbuilt with all Microsoft Windows Operating System, what we need to do is just install it from Add/Remove Programs list if using Server version 2003 and if you use Server 2008 then use Server Manager to install IIS. Server restart is not required after installing IIS, server restart is required only if you uninstalling (removing) it.

Example: IIS Server is like a waiter in hotel to note down the request and serves everyone and we user are like web client.

Like IIS is web server, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome etc are web client. Web client sends request to Web server through internet service provider

Please understand how IIS works.

- Desktop User Sends Request  ----->>>
- The request reaches Internet Service Provider Gateway ----->>>
- After that it find the location of IP and send the request to corresponding IIS server ---->>>
- In Return IIS server serves the webpages requested by the web client ------>>>>
IIS 7 has command line option as well to manage IIS server, the command is appcmd with various syntax. Earlier version do have command line but not very advanced.

IIS has been in use since last 10+ years and has gained popularity. 

If you have Windows XP or higher version you can install IIS on your desktop/laptop and host content and share your stuff to everybody over internet.

For this you will require to get 1 Public IP Address from your internet service provider (ISP) and domain name registration service through 

IIS Content related websites to know further about it.

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