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Command to find of list running IIS services

If you ever wanted the current list of running IIS services then you are at the right place.

The command for this is.


The output will be as mentioned below.

Status for World Wide Web Publishing Service ( W3SVC ) : Running
Status for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) ( SMTPSVC ) : Running
Status for Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine ( RESvc ) : Stopped
Status for Microsoft Exchange POP3 ( POP3Svc ) : Stopped
Status for Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) ( NntpSvc ) : Stopped
Status for Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 ( IMAP4Svc ) : Stopped
Status for HTTP SSL ( HTTPFilter ) : Running

Bonus Tips:

Avoid running IISRESET/noforce instead run IISRESET/stop and IISRESET/start command, this is helpful as sometime IISRESET/noforce is not able to stop/start services correctly, this could put us in trouble as we dont know which services were running before IISRESET/noforce.

If you still want to run IISRESET/noforce command then before this run IISRESET/status this command will let you the name of IIS service running at present.

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