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Windows Server Best Practices

Title: Windows Server Best Practices


Below are the list of best practices each administrator should follow.

1. Do not use the Servers for browsing the internet especially Facebook, Twitter, Etc.
2. Do not run "Dcpromo.exe" or turn on the active directory or DNS Role.
3. Do not shutdown the server without informing your team and your client.
4. Organize your files properly in the server folder such as

5. Do not store unnecessary files in the server.
6. Do not disconnect/disable any of the server network connection
7. Do not create your "personal website" in the company's IIS Server.
8. Do not store "installer"  in the server. These files should be move to the file server
when they are no longer needed
9. Do not store your backup in the server. If the server goes down the backup will not be available
10. Always run "diskcleanup.exe"
11. Keep the server antivirus definition updated.
12. log-off the server when you no longer need it.
13. The servers are powerful machine but it not intended for gaming so no games on the server please.
14. Keep a watch on the server hard disk capacity. Maintain a 75 percent threshold.
15. Conduct a monthly Periodic Access Review on the servers
16.  Change the Servers password every 3 months

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