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Change shutdown message

Title: Change shutdown message


In my previous company on every weekend we use to shutdown all servers (40+ servers) to save energey and reduce energy bill.

The problem we use to face was we had to every time type in the reason as in why we are shutting down the server.

We found a way output and sharing it here so that everyone get benefited out of it.

In registry, navigate to following path.

HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Reliability\UserDefined key.

Here create a new string value called CSP:64:1 (for demonstration purposes).

Refer to Table 9.12 for an explanation of the flags.This example indicates that a comment isrequired (C), the expected shutdown dialog box will display (S) and it is a planned shutdown(P). The “64:1” is a shutdown code, indicating the major and minor shutdown reasons. Refer to
system_shutdown_reason_codes.asp a list of shutdown codes. The “64” means an Application and the “1” will translate to Installation string. You can go through the
shutdown event code table and choose customs settings for your system.

Table 9.12 Shutdown code descriptions for the registry settings

Planned shutdown. Without this flag, an unplanned shutdown is assumed
A comment is required
An ID is required
Displays the expected shutdown event dialog box
Displays the unexpected shutdown dialog box. This is shown after the system
restarts after an unexpected shutdown.

You can also add more comments using the string registry value. The format for comments is
<title>/n/r<Description of the comment>. (This is the ‘title’ of the comment that is separated by a ‘new line’ or a ‘tab’ character. A description of the comment will follow this
character.) We have entered the following comments for our custom reason. Refer to Figure 9.37 for an illustration of how this value data is entered.

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