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Best way to fix any issue

Title: Best way to fix any issue


It is good if everyone follow some process or practice to work on any issue, be it a technical or personal issue.If we don't follow any protocol than it might take more time to fix the issue or we might end in mess and would not know what to do next.

Asking question is necessary to your user or client.

Following are the common question you would ask:

> Does the problem occur for everybody or just a few users?
> Is every client PC affected or those in just one site?
> What’s common when the problem occurs?
> What’s different when the problem is absent?
> What has been changed recently?

Following action you will take on your behalf:

> Try to reproduce the issue.
> Check event logs, log.txt files etc.
> Use some debugging tool like process monitor, ethereal etc.
> Don't assume anything
> Try to reconfigure, if is quick.
> Take a tea or coffee break, come back you might know now or get a hint.
> Think of possible causes: Has some update been installed, has security been enhanced, version upgrade, has ISP (Internet Service Provider Changed) etc.

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