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SharePoint 2010 Event Source list

Title: SharePoint 2010 Event Source list


Following are the list of Event Source I have come across so far, will add more if I find anything further.

Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Foundation
SharePoint Foundation
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Portal Server
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Foundation Search
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Web Content Management
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Access Services
SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard 
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Server
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Server Search
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Office Server
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Shared/Operational
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Excel Services Application
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-InfoPath Form Services
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Visio Graphics Service
Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Office Web Apps

All above mentioned event sources are applicable for both SharePoint Server 2010 version and SharePoint Foundation 2010 version.

You wonn't see this particular event source: Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Shared/Operational in either Application or System Log as it is somewhere else at the bottom of the common event logs.

The event source 'Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Foundation' and 'SharePoint Foundation' both are same, if you want to monitor events with source you can only use one source name.
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