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Master troubleshooting SharePoint

Title: Master troubleshooting SharePoint


Being a good sharepoint administrator requires to follow some best practises, some special things.

Here are list of things which i would check when troubleshooting any sharepoint issue.

- Check SharePoint Logs files - Upgrade logs, other logs
- Filtering and checking event logs for sharepoint event IDs
- Running command to check if Sharepoint requires to run configuration wizard
- Check\Review Problems sections in central administration site.
- Clear the configuration cache.
- Check the number of servers in farm

- Check for sharepoint services status
- Database status in central admin site
- Edit web.config to enable debugging
- Configure sharepoint auditing
- check the IIS (Binding, ASP.NET version etc.) and SQL configuration
- Check Timer Job.
- Use WSS / MOSS Log File Reader -
- Check the version of SharePoint, it is old RTM or something.
- Check for any known issue combination like SBS+IIS+SPF 2010
- Always check if web.config is modified by going to website property and tab before making any changes in web.config. this will help us if someone made any changes recently which cause the issue

What i would check and wont will vary depending upon type of issue i am troubleshooting.

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