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Best Practices when updating sharepoint

Title: Best Practices when updating sharepoint


Being a good sharepoint admin one should always follow best practise to ensure smooth sharepoint envionment.

- Back up the server farm before you start the software update installation.

- Create a backup of search and all databases.

- Checkdb, defragment, and shrink your SharePoint databases before doing the upgrade.

- Update during a scheduled maintenance window to avoid helpdesk calls.

- It is important that the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard perform the configuration procedures on only one computer at a time.

- Once updates gets installed and configured it is recommended to take full server backup.
- Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC) service on all Web servers and start when installation and configuration completes.

- View the upgrade log file. In addition to viewing the results of the installation in Upgrade.log file.

- In very large server farms, installing a software update with the content databases attached can result in too much downtime. If where there are multiple sites or many Web servers, then to minimize the downtime required to upgrade, deattach database and then run upgrade.

- It would be best to test updates first on test\QA server and then apply them on production server.

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